Peter Cicchino Youth Project / Streetwise & Safe

The PCYP, which Peter founded in 1994, addresses the unique legal issues facing homeless and indigent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) youth including foster care, education, public assistance benefits and criminal matters. Within PCYP, Streetwise & Safe (SAS), is a leadership development initiative aimed at building knowledge, leadership, and power among LGBTQQ youth of color who experience policing and criminalization in the context of policing of “quality of life” offenses, sex work and trafficking. Third Wave supports their development of “know your rights” materials tailored to the experiences and perspectives of LGBTQ youth, their peer education and organizing work, and their efforts to claim a seat at policy discussion tables as full participants, speak out on their own behalf, act collectively to protect and advance their rights and demand choices that allow youth to maximize their safety, self-sufficiency, and self-determination.

Link: Peter Cicchino Youth Project

Peter Cicchino Youth Project / Streetwise & Safe was funded in 2009. They are based in the .