As Third Wave continues to grow and strategically shift our grantmaking, we have been investigating new ways to support both young women and transgender activists and the work they are leading. Our Scholarship Program was one of our oldest grantmaking areas and one we valued having.

We realized that while the need for financial support is as great as ever, there are increasing number of organizations and foundations who are able to fill this need, with the ability to award larger sums than what Third Wave has ever offered. We also saw this as the perfect opportunity to provide alternatives for young activists, whether or not they choose to pursue institutional higher learning. With these thoughts in mind, Third Wave sought out to develop leadership programs that continue to support activists on an individual level while creating a model that enables mutual learning, skills-building, follow-up and networking, and direct linkage to social just movements.

In 2005, Third Wave Foundation closed its Scholarship Program to shift resources to other programs. If you were directed here from another location, please email us at to let us know where you found out about the scholarship so that we can notify the party of our scholarship program’s termination.

Third Wave recognizes that the need for financial support is as great as ever. In response to the large number of inquiries we receive about other scholarship/fellowship opportunities for young women, we have compiled a few exciting and practical funding sources for activists.

There are a number of comprehensive websites and search engines with information about thousands of scholarships: The Sallie Mae Corporation has created Wired Scholar, Peterson’s College Quest, and FastWeb. In addition, the Department of Education has information about loans, financial aid, grants, state-based aid, and more. Finally, your local library will have books and information with scholarship details.

Additionally, we offer these resources for scholarship seekers.