Amy Richards

Amy is best known for creating the Third Wave Foundation as well as for her writings on contemporary feminism. Besides her books, Manifesta, Grassroots and Opting In, Amy’s writings and opinions can be found in numerous anthologies and various media outlets, including NPR, The New York Times, Bitch and The Chicago Tribune. Amy is a consulting producer on the HBO documentary Gloria Steinem: In Her Own Words, and an adviser to Makers, a PBS documentary on the women’s movement in America. She is the president of Soapbox: Speakers Who Speak Out, creators of Feminist Summer Camp, and was most recently a vice-president with The Domino Project, a publishing imprint at Amazon. She lectures frequently about the state of feminism and has traveled the world representing feminism in America — most recently at Ewha University in Seoul, Korea and at the American Embassy in Russia and as far back as 1995 where she was a youth delegate to the UN Conference on Women in Beijing. Amy is an occasional media expert offering her perspective on women’s issues; most memorably on Oprah, The O’Reilly Factor and NPR’s All Things Considered. She has won numerous awards for her activism, including “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” from both Women’s eNews and Ms. magazine. She serves on the boards of Sadie Nash Leadership Project and, where she hosts an advice column Ask Amy, and she is an adviser to many organizations, including the Sex Workers Project and FAIR Fund. Amy graduated from Barnard College in 1992 with a BA in Art History and has lived in New York City ever since.