Rosalba Messina

Rosalba Messina, Interim Executive Director, Third Wave Foundation

Interim Executive Director

Rosalba M. Messina is the Interim Executive Director of Third Wave Foundation. Principal and Founder of MCG, Messina has more than 25 years experience as an effective transformational leader, manager and coach. Messina has successfully led organizations to effect positive change by creating accountability in a collaborative, inclusive, trusting and creative work environment. She is experienced in developing working partnerships among board, staff, community members, NGOs, government agencies and donors worldwide. With each assignment, her goal is to increase the effectiveness of individuals and organizations – leading to greater institutional power and impact in the world.

Prior to launching her own consulting practice, Messina held executive level positions for various organizations in both non-profit and corporate environments. She is an affiliate consultant for the Support Center for Non Profit Management and Adelphi University’s Center for Non Profit Leadership. She is a current member of Citigroup’s Women and Company and the Society for Human Resource Management and a past member of the National Advisory Council for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Messina is a guest lecturer and conducts workshop trainings on various topics in management.