Why Give Institute

“Why Give… gives community organizers and activists a new lens to approach their work. I believe that my role as a philanthropist within the social justice movement is to promote long term giving as a form of community sustainability and accountability.”

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In March 2006, fifteen young women of color and trangender youths gathered in New York City for the first ever Why Give Institute. They come from grant partners of Third Wave from across the nation, each ready to learn and be empowered by the beginning of a 12-month grassroots fundraising traininig. Each person is responsible for raising $3,000+ dollars in the following 12-months, followed by the unique opportunity to participate in the grantmaking process of the collective funds.

They are mentored by seasoned social-change philanthropists from the respective regions, who have called this program “inspired.”

Third Wave believes that for progressive social change organizations to thrive, we need to expand the pool of people that support and sustain this work. By participating in the Why Give Institute, these young leaders are making a significant commitment to Third Wave, their organizations, their communities and themselves to change transform the face of feminist philanthropy.