Reproductive Justice Network

Reproductive Justice Network Convening, 2006, Northern California
2006 Reproductive Justice Network Convening, Northern California. Share this photo.

Origins and Evolution

In 2004, Third Wave launched the Reproductive Health and Justice Initiative, a grantmaking initiative designed to strengthen the RJ movement and support work done by and for young women of color and trans- and gender-nonconforming youth under 30. In addition to the grantmaking, Third Wave held convenings of grant partners in order to provide space for peer exchanges, reflection on the movement, and to combat isolation. Convenings have been both a space in which organizations can build skills such as board development or fundraising, as well as hold movement-building and strategy discussions.

As a result of the desire to be more strategic & to have a cumulative impact/ momentum to the work, Convening participants had a training to consider range of collaborative work from alliances, networks, and coalitions. A working group of participants led a training to consider range of options and groups decided to formalize into a network in October of 2006. In 2007, the Network developed long & short term goals, work priorities & strategies, as well as a set of bylaws to govern communication. The Network seeks to serve as a think tank & support network for/by marginalized communities in the reproductive justice movement to lay groundwork for shared action.

2009 Reproductive Justice Network Convening, New York. Share this video.

Roles of Participating Organizations

Members of the network, as well as participants of the convening are all organizations that have had a relationship with 3W, either as an applicant or grantee, but it is not been a requirement that an organization be a grantee. The Network has articulated the desire to have organizations that are committed to youth leadership, young women & trans-folks, principles of racial justice, and reproductive justice as an emerging framework. The Network has agreed on a set of guidelines for participation:

  • Each organization in the Network determines its level of involvement.
  • Currently all organizations have agreed to full-participation, which means devoting work/staff time towards network goals, participation in working group calls and Convenings.
  • If something has changed, either point person or capacity, the organization will notify Third Wave staff & Network.
  • We expect that new people from organizations will be briefed by the former participating staff member(s).
  • Program staff within Third Wave serve as points of contact and help facilitate the Network: currently, this position is held by Alex DelValle.

Network Members

Birth Attendants • Brooklyn Young Mothers Collective • Chicago Abortion Fund • Choice USA • COLOR • Different Avenues • JASMYN • Kalpulli Izkalli • Khmer Girls in Action • Media Literacy Project • National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health • New Voices Pittsburgh • SAFER • St. James Infirmary • Sistas on the Rise • SPARK • Stonewall Youth • Young Women’s Empowerment Project • Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition • Young Women United