Past Initiatives

In the early 1990’s, less than six percent of all philanthropic dollars were directed to programs serving women and girls. Recognizing that even fewer dollars were making it to the innovative programs that are led by third wave feminists, the four founders of Third Wave knew they had to address the need to have a fund for young feminist activists.

They believed, as we believe today, that young women and transgender youth have always had inspiring and innovative visions for social change. Financial support must be given to those young leaders, so that they can achieve their goals in creating change in their lives and the lives of others. By providing grants and other types of support, we make these visions a reality. When we fund social justice work led by young women and transgender youth, we make an investment in all our futures.

Third Wave’s financial support has consisted of grantmaking in two areas: the Organizing & Advocacy Fund and the Reproductive Health and Justice Initiative (RHJI). In 2007, Third Wave began to focus solely on grantmaking in the area of Reproductive Health and Justice through RHJI.