March 2012: Third Wave Joins Women’s History Month Campaign

March 2012

Amidst intensified attacks on women’s rights this election year, Third Wave Foundation is partnering with 25 women’s funds from across the country to increase attention to the issues affecting women and girls nationwide.

With politicians openly supporting a reversal of women’s rights – from attempts to deny them access to contraception to deeming them unfit for military combat – the “Calling All Women: Send a Message of Strength” campaign is raising awareness of the inequality that exists and highlighting the change that local and national women’s funds are advancing in communities around the country.

Throughout the month of March – Women’s History Month – the campaign is using mobile-giving technology and a multi-pronged social mobilization approach to spread the message that women must unite for change. By texting WOMEN to 50555, supporters can donate $10, which will be distributed to participating women’s funds.

The campaign features a video demonstrating the impact of inequality on women’s lives. With women still earning only 77 percent of men’s pay – and disparities in access to health care and education pervasive, women continue to lag behind men in many social indicators.

Women’s funds across the U.S. work every day to make positive change by supporting women on a broad range of issues, including living-wage jobs and workplace supports for mothers. By building leadership, skills and connections, these funds also help combat the underrepresentation of women in public office and higher-earning career fields, like science and technology.

As a feminist, activist foundation that works nationally to support young women and transgender youth ages 15 to 30, Third Wave Foundation is committed to growing the women’s movement by supporting new and innovative approaches to pursuing gender, racial, social and economic justice.

For more information about the “Calling All Women: Send a Message of Strength” campaign, please visit