Feminism Was Here: “If You See Something…”

September 30, 2010

Submitted to our “Feminism Was Here” action campaign, on one of New York’s “If You See Something, Say Something” billboards:

“It’s hard to see these w/o remembering the panic after 9/11, harassment of people believed to be a ‘threat’ based on the color of their skin, their dress, their language, where they grew up, where people assumed they came from.”

Want to take action? Breakthrough, a NYC based human rights organization, has just kicked off a campaign against racial profiling of people or color and immigrants in America, called “Face The Truth.” It includes the stories of Lena Masri, who was detained at an airport and asked to remove her hijab in public, and Juana Vilegas who, after a traffic stop while nine months pregnant, gave birth in prison and was refused the right to contact her own family. Once you watch the video, learn how to spread the word.

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