Colorado Anti-Violence Program

The Colorado Anti-Violence Program is a community-based organization that works to eliminate violence within and against LGBTQ communities, including internalized, interpersonal and institutional violence. Third Wave Foundation’s grant is in support of the Branching Seedz of Resistance: Youth Violence Prevention Project, the first sexual violence prevention project in Colorado to center the experiences, leadership, and organizing capacity of LGBTQ high school-aged youth. Branching Seedz uses art and media, participatory action research, trainings, and community organizing to end cycles of violence and build power and safety. With Third Wave’s Support, Branching Seedz will bring trans-inclusive policies to shelters within Colorado, host a Queer Youth Summit in Denver, and bring their youth training program “Unite to Fight” across the state of Colorado.

Link: Colorado Anti-Violence Program

Colorado Anti-Violence Program was funded in 2010 and 2011. They are based in the .