Congratulations to Brown Boi Project!

May 30, 2012

This year, Echoing Green partnered with Open Society Foundations (OSF) to create a Black Male Achievement Fellowship as part of OSF's Campaign for Black Male Achievement.  This fellowship is to be awarded to "visionary leaders who are generating new ideas for black male achievement in the areas such as fatherhood, mentoring, college preparatory programs, community-building, supportive wage work opportunities, communications, and philanthropic leadership"(Echoing Green).  There were over 1,000 applicants which were gradually whittled down to 16 finalists, and Brown Boi Project, one of our wonderful grant partners, was a part of this Sweet Sixteen! B. Cole's proposal highlighted the way Brown Boi Project aims to "build the self-sufficiency of young queer, straight, and transgendered people of color to shape a radical new vision of masculinity."  All 16 BMA finalists gathered in New York City on May 15th for the final selection event.  Congratulations to Brown Boi Project for making it so far!  We are glad your potential has been recognized by such high profile foundations as Echoing Green and OSF! To read more about the BMA Fellowship and the 16 finalists, click here.

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Congratulations, Gerbode Professional Development Fellows!

June 12, 2012

Aspen Baker is the Executive Director of Exhale, a former long-term grant partner of Third Wave.  She is one of 5 people to be awarded the 2012 Gerbode Professional Development Fellowship! Exhale, about to celebrate 10 years of providing women with after-abortion support, has grown and thrived under Aspen's leadership.  She did not apply for the fellowship, but was selected because of her track record producing outstanding results.  Well done, Aspen Baker and Exhale! Congratulations as well, to allied funder Vanessa Daniel of Groundswell Fund!  She is another of this year's 5 fellows. Third Wave is so pleased to see these two powerful, effective women receiving the recognition they deserve!

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Double Standards: Congress Attacks Abortion and Families

May 12, 2011

In this segment from GRITtv, Paris Hatcher, Executive Director of SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, exposes the double standards at the heart of recent Congressional attacks on abortion and the rights of young people to parent:

"We're supposed to love life, right? And protect mothers and ban abortion because abortion is about ending babies lives, right? But then we see cuts to WIC, [Women, Infants & Children benefits], we know women are being chained to beds to give birth."

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e-LOLA: Training a new generation of Latina activists nationwide

September 28, 2011

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health activists in Washington, D.C.

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, a Third Wave grant partner, is training even more young activists through its new initiative, e-LOLA:

Our Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy (LOLA) trainings have been carried out in 11 cities across the country since 2003, and the new e-LOLA has been designed to accommodate the lives of busy young adults by allowing them access to the materials presented at our traditional, rigorous two and a half day LOLA Reproductive Justice Institutes. This webinar training will provide Latina activists with sessions on: the history of the reproductive rights movement, community organizing models and specific skills building tools to prepare participants with the knowledge and resources for launching a campaign. After the training, e-LOLA graduates will continue to be part of NLIRH’s larger network of Latina advocates and become part of the Alumni Network as well as become leaders on reproductive health issues in their communities. The e-LOLA webinar series will occur on October 25th, October 27th, and November 1st at 7pm EST and is free of charge. More information on how to apply is here.
NLIRH's previous LOLA trainings were crucial to developing a reproductive justice network of young Latinas, whose work ranges from securing abortion access to reforming immigration policies. As NLIRH activist Diana Salas writes, “Past trainings provided by the Latina Institute have helped me frame the messages around reproductive health and have connected me with other NYC Latinas working on similar issues. These trainings have been instrumental for someone who does not work in the reproductive justice field.” Through e-LOLA, NLIRH is expanding this vital training to young activists nationwide and strengthening this critical activist coalition. To find out more, check out NLIRH's e-LOLA page and application.

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Empowered FeFes: Sex, Disability, and Videotape

August 28, 2010

The Empowered FeFes are dedicated to honing the leadership skills of young women with disabilities. Third Wave has supported them to in training other grassroots organizations led by disabled young women. In this new video, they show off some of their amazing work in peer-based sex ed:

Fe Fes educate themselves about sex from many angles by talking with activists and scholars. The viewer tags along on a date between a woman with a disability and her able-bodied boyfriend, exploring relationship issues of dating with a disability over a candle-lit dinner.
You can get your own copy from Beyondmedia Education. (via materialworld)

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Facing Race 2010: On Power, Money, and Populism

September 30, 2010

"Total philanthropic spaces are at about $120 billion plus. Organizations led by people of color, or serving people of color, is less than 5% of that." - Maria Teresa Kumar, VotoLatino
We were sorry to miss Facing Race 2010 in Chicago this past week, but have been catching up with the videos posted by Colorlines. You can follow them on Twitter or YouTube for the latest. Here's a highlight from their closing plenary, with Rinku Sen, Tim Wise, Van Jones, and Maria Teresa Kumar: (Watch the full video of the plenary here.)

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Fall 2012 Program Internship Opportunity

August 27, 2012

Organizational Overview Third Wave is a feminist, activist foundation that works nationally to support young women and transgender youth ages 15 to 30. Through strategic grantmaking, movement building, leadership development, and philanthropic advocacy, we support groups and individuals working towards gender, racial, economic, and social justice. Third Wave is led by an intergenerational board of feminists striving to combat inequalities that we ourselves face as a result of our age, gender, race, sexual orientation, economic status, or level of education. By empowering young women and transgender youth nationwide, Third Wave is building a lasting foundation for gender justice around the country.

*Program Intern Overiew*
Third Wave Foundation is seeking a Program Intern to work part-time (15 - 20 hrs/week) for the Fall 2012 semester for school credit or work-study hours and a monthly unlimited metrocard.  Working in the Program Department, the intern will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with our programming team.  Ideal candidates have an interest in developing a birds-eye view of the racial and gender justice organizing landscape and learning more about feminist organizations, non-profits, and foundations.  The Program Internship will focus on Third Wave’s grantmaking and capacity building.  Interns will also have the opportunity to learn more about Third Wave’s overall work and how funding decisions are made, participate in staff meetings, and attend relevant events. The internship will involve:
  • Planning grantee trainings and convening
  • Support grantee evaluation
  • Research and writing on philanthropic & movement building trends
  • Database entry and other administrative tasks
Individuals applying for this internship should have demonstrated:
  • An ability to plan and prioritize tasks to meet multiple deadlines
  • Web, database and library research and writing skills
  • Familiarity with Excel and/or other databases
  • Interest in organizing by youth and/or communities of color
  • Knowledge of gender justice issues
  • Detail-oriented and great organizational skills
  • Team player
  • Sense of humor a plus
Please email your resume and a cover letter to Terry Ferreira at with the following subject heading: PROGRAM INTERN APPLICATION – YOUR NAME. In your application, include your potential start date and days for which you would be available.   Thank you for your interest in supporting Third Wave’s work!  

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Feminism Was Here: “If You See Something…”

September 30, 2010

Submitted to our "Feminism Was Here" action campaign, on one of New York's "If You See Something, Say Something" billboards:

"It's hard to see these w/o remembering the panic after 9/11, harassment of people believed to be a 'threat' based on the color of their skin, their dress, their language, where they grew up, where people assumed they came from."
Want to take action? Breakthrough, a NYC based human rights organization, has just kicked off a campaign against racial profiling of people or color and immigrants in America, called "Face The Truth." It includes the stories of Lena Masri, who was detained at an airport and asked to remove her hijab in public, and Juana Vilegas who, after a traffic stop while nine months pregnant, gave birth in prison and was refused the right to contact her own family. Once you watch the video, learn how to spread the word.

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Feminism Was Here: At the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

October 14, 2010

feminism was here, kai gurley of third wave and lee roper-batker Third Wave's Mia Herndon (our Executive Director) and Tara Ellison (Deputy Director) visited with the Women's Foundation of Minnesota to see from the inside how they do -- from visits with donors and grant partners to spending some quality time sharing stories and victories. Here's Third Wave's Board chair, Kai Gurley, hanging out with Lee Roper-Batker, WFMN's Executive Director -- and her amazing red lady hat.

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Feminism Was Here: Choices in Childbirth

February 14, 2011

Feminism Was Here: Choices in Childbirth From Third Wave community member Kelly Ren!

I wanted to send you two photos of some feminism in action. Attached is a photo of the 2011/2012 edition of The Guide to a Healthy Birth NYC Edition. This guide is a free resource for the public and it is produced by Choices in Childbirth. The guide is to help expectant parents access education and resources regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum and to help the public become more aware of maternity rights and choices in our society. I was present at their guide launch on December 20th, with President, Elan McAllister, Executive Director Lisa Malley, Program Manager Malorie Schecter and staff Julia Jolly and new admin assistant Debbie. Thanks for sending me the stickers, I will definitely be getting them out in 2011. Keep up the good work!

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