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“last night’s feminist party” was here

November 29, 2010

A little more than a week ago, a crowd of New York City-area activists as well as Third Wave staff, board members from across the country and local grant partners met up for a (friendly) takeover of happy hour at Lolita. There was drinking, some dancing, and posing for party photos! It was an evening full of generous acts of trouble-making to support of youth activists. Thanks to Lolita for providing drink specials for our evening, including a festive feminist cocktail we named "Intersectionality on the Beach." Hot party photo credits to Mary Ellen Hitt. [gallery orderby="rand"] Check out more photos at lastnightsfeministparty.com where you can sign up for notices about the next LNFP and be sure not to miss out on a good time! Here are the LNFP/NYC Facebook album and Flickr set as well.

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Feminism Was Here: “If You See Something…”

September 30, 2010

Submitted to our "Feminism Was Here" action campaign, on one of New York's "If You See Something, Say Something" billboards:

"It's hard to see these w/o remembering the panic after 9/11, harassment of people believed to be a 'threat' based on the color of their skin, their dress, their language, where they grew up, where people assumed they came from."
Want to take action? Breakthrough, a NYC based human rights organization, has just kicked off a campaign against racial profiling of people or color and immigrants in America, called "Face The Truth." It includes the stories of Lena Masri, who was detained at an airport and asked to remove her hijab in public, and Juana Vilegas who, after a traffic stop while nine months pregnant, gave birth in prison and was refused the right to contact her own family. Once you watch the video, learn how to spread the word.

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Feminism Was Here: At the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

October 14, 2010

feminism was here, kai gurley of third wave and lee roper-batker Third Wave's Mia Herndon (our Executive Director) and Tara Ellison (Deputy Director) visited with the Women's Foundation of Minnesota to see from the inside how they do -- from visits with donors and grant partners to spending some quality time sharing stories and victories. Here's Third Wave's Board chair, Kai Gurley, hanging out with Lee Roper-Batker, WFMN's Executive Director -- and her amazing red lady hat.

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Feminism Was Here: Choices in Childbirth

February 14, 2011

Feminism Was Here: Choices in Childbirth From Third Wave community member Kelly Ren!

I wanted to send you two photos of some feminism in action. Attached is a photo of the 2011/2012 edition of The Guide to a Healthy Birth NYC Edition. This guide is a free resource for the public and it is produced by Choices in Childbirth. The guide is to help expectant parents access education and resources regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum and to help the public become more aware of maternity rights and choices in our society. I was present at their guide launch on December 20th, with President, Elan McAllister, Executive Director Lisa Malley, Program Manager Malorie Schecter and staff Julia Jolly and new admin assistant Debbie. Thanks for sending me the stickers, I will definitely be getting them out in 2011. Keep up the good work!

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Feminism Was Here: JASMYN

November 17, 2010

JASMYN member The Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, Inc (JASMYN), is a community organization with a 14-yr history of education and advocacy by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQQ) young people in the South. Through building empowerment, reproductive justice awareness, education, advocacy and support, JASMYN also works against bullying and harassment in schools. JASMYN is a Third Wave grantee. In the above photo, JASMYN member RJ shows that Feminism is at JASMYN! JASMYN members Auntie and Elmo            JASMYN members Auntie and GC         JASMYN members         JASMYN members Maurissa and Brianna          JASMYN members Sabrina and Suwanda

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Feminism Was Here: New York in the 80’s

October 17, 2010

feminism was here, old time nyc Submitted to our "Feminism Was Here" action campaign,

"I put this sticker on a picture that my father took of an empty New York City street in the 1980s. Feminism walks the streets of this city, every day."

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Feminism Was Here: No Regrets

November 29, 2010

Feminism Was Here: No Regrets "After Thanksgiving Regret?" No way. (Get your own "Feminism Was Here" sticker and show us where you put it.)

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Feminism Was Here: NYPL

September 14, 2010

Public libraries are accessible to all and hold our herstories. (Show us: where's your feminism at? We'll hook you up with stickers, and share your photos of where they end up here on our blog.)

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Feminism Was Here: Willard, Missouri

November 17, 2010

Feminist Baby Submitted to our  "Feminism Was Here"  action campaign. Greta Marshall in Willard, Missouri,  sent us this adorable photo of her baby. You're never too young to be a feminist!

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Feminism Was Here: Women’s Philanthropy

October 14, 2010

feminism was here, women's foundation of minnesota The Women's Foundation of Minnesota has been a major player in women's philanthropy for over 25 years. Their core values of Justice, Social Change, Inclusion, Feminism and Hope, guide their investment in the advancement of equality for all women and girls in the areas of economic justice, safety and security, health and reproductive rights, human rights, and political power, centered in the state of Minnesota.  Check them out!

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