ROAMS Southwest

ROAMS -- Reaching Out Across MovementS -- was organized and led by Third Wave staff from 2000 to 2002. Each ROAMS tour consisted of around 15 young feminist activists visiting community-based organizations in the region, meeting with activists and organizers to learn first-hand about issues that marginalized communities face, making connections with other activists, and thereby, building a movement together. The final ROAMS trip was conducted in 2002 in the Southwest region, where participants met with organizations that ranged in focus--from border policing, to youth organizing, to anti-militarization work. Participants continued to see how a wide variety of issues connect to feminism and the women’s movement. For example, Kat Rodriguez, an organizer for Derechos Humanos that ROAMS met with, described how “domestic violence is connected to the economic situation of the family, which is tied to the immigration status of the family.”

Posted in: 2002