Launch of Reaching Out Across Movements (ROAMS)

Over three years, ROAMS reached dozens of grassroots organizations in the Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast, strengthening networks of progressive leaders in underserved regions. Group photo, ROAMS, Southeast (2000) In 2000, Third Wave launched it’s first ROAMS trip in the Southeast. According to Third Wave staff member, Julie Shah, the goal of ROAMS was to “connect, network, and share movement building resources with organizations and individuals using a multi-issue social justice perspective in their work.” On a day-to-day level, ROAMS achieved this goal by leading 12-15 young women to different regions of the United States and organizing meetings with grassroots organizations. Such intimate meetings allowed ROAMS participants to discuss social justice issues, activism, and effective ways to build a movement. ROAMS especially underscored the importance of having a “multi-issue social justice lens” by demonstrating that feminist activism should not be limited to traditional “women’s issues.” Rather, ROAMS connected seemingly disparate issues, such as union power, with the women’s movement, thereby showing how movements can be supported and built in creative ways.

Posted in: 2000