Carter Klenk

Carter Klenk-Morse is a queer mother living in Brooklyn, NY. As a consultant, she travels nationally providing training, technical assistance, facilitation, organizational development and organizing support to community-based and movement organizations. Carter has a background in LGBTSTGNC anti-violence work, youth organizing and radical parenting work. She has been a member of a broad range of groups including: the All Nations Alliance, the Audre Lorde Project’s (ALP) Capital Campaign Organizing Committee, the Red Earth Women’s Alliance, Colorado Street Medics and NYMAA. She served on the Board of Directors of YouthAction, the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. Carter represented community members calling for police accountability as part of the Denver Taskforce on Police Use of Force. She is a volunteer and ally with the Audre Lorde Project’s SOS Collective and has also provided security and de-escalation of conflict services at numerous community events. She currently works as an organizational development consultant for SONG. For over a decade Carter has been facilitating group processes and offers trainings on consensus decision-making models. She is an amateur baker and wild fermenter, extended nursing and cloth diapering advocate and an aspiring doula.