Campaign for Community Change hiring for an Online Communications Director

February 3, 2011

The Campaign for Community Change is looking for a temporary Online Communications Director in the DC area.   If interested, you can send your resume and cover letter to

About the Campaign for Community Change

The Campaign for Community Change (The Campaign) aims to increase the profile of policy issues that matter to low-income people and people of color; educate and empower communities to act on those issues; and influence the federal legislation to benefit low-income families and communities. Specifically, the Campaign works to equip low-income, immigrant and communities of color with the skills and resources to participate year-round in the electoral process. The Campaign’s goal is to ensure that these communities–historically underrepresented in voter turnout–are recognized as constituencies to which every candidate is accountable. We aim to promote a culture of civic participation and assist our constituencies to become fully engaged in American democracy.

One of the most distinctive elements of the Campaign is that it is driven by local grassroots groups and leaders.  The Campaign provides guidance and support, but the ownership is in the hands of the people from these communities and the organizations to which they belong. The Campaign will provide partner organizations with an array of support and resources to help them reach their electoral goals through voter education, registration, mobilization and protection, as well as efforts designed to strengthen the membership and leadership within their organizations. For further information please visit our website at

Position Overview:

For the past year and a half, the Campaign for Community Change has worked with a large coalition of local and national organizations committed to passing humane immigration reform.
The coalition has worked on multiple fronts, generating policy recommendations, reaching potential supporters through a coordinated online and offline field campaign, raising issue visibility in the media, and mobilizing voters to support pro-immigrant candidates.
After successfully building large and powerful mobile and email lists, as well as a web and social media presence, the coalition is entering into it’s next phase. While the field plan of the coalition will be “dormant” it will be the job of the Director to both transition the lists while engaging in tactics and strategies to aggressively grow them. The Campaign for Community Change is seeking an Online Communications Director with 3-5 years experience in managing complex online campaigns. The Online Communications Director should be a self-starter, a web and data “geek”, and an experienced organizer with a clear vision about how to use the Internet and online tools to mobilize thousands of supporters. The ideal candidate will have a history of proven success in list building, leveraging technology for grassroots organizing, developing and implementing effective online advocacy and fundraising strategies, project management, and staff management.  Previous experience working with coalitions and distributed teams successfully is a plus.

This position is temporary.

The Online Communications Director reports to the Director of New Organizing.

Principal Responsibilities:

Work with coalition partners to transition campaign lists into new phase of campaign “dormant” mode.
Work closely with partner groups and the Communications team to develop effective online/offline strategies and messaging.
Develop a detailed online campaign budget including technology and design costs, paid marketing and staffing.
Hire staff as needed and coordinate sharing of staff resources with coalition partners.
Manage and update the coalition website; contract and work with vendors as needed.
Develop a strong email communications plan to engage list members in campaign activities, promote local and state level messages and maximize growth.
Work with partner organizations that  support the campaign and have stake in the listbuilding work.
Work with the coalition and partner organizations to maximize the campaign’s reach online – including website traffic, blog coverage, social network reach, etc.
Provide training and support for coalition members and partner organizations around practical application of online technology and new media tools in both community organizing and issue advocacy campaigns.
Manage the coalition list-building project, including:

The keeping of a project timeline that lays out the steps needed to achieve list-building goals.
The convening of meetings and following up with partners as necessary to ensure that all milestones are being met.
Manage partner relationships and new list sharing terms.


Strong project management skills. Experience in staff hiring and management.

A commitment to the passage of just and humane immigration policy An internet visionary constantly looking for new and innovative ways to organize campaigns online.
Knowledge of basic HTML, CSS and image manipulation.
Understands the online political space and political blogosphere.
Able to track a lot of moving parts and manage complex projects.
Maintain attention to detail, while keeping the big picture in mind.
Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally.

Able to write compelling email copy, with an understanding of what makes some emails more effective at generating action than others.
Experience working with partner organizations on an issue campaign.
Familiarity with Action Kit or similar program (Blue State Digital, Convio, Capitol Advantage, Get Active, etc).
Familiarity with SMS advocavy work and/or experience with a platform like Mobile Commons (Revolution Media etc).
Familiarity with best practices in list segmentation, message personalization, and email/SMS response tracking.

Familiarity with online organizing practices, including social network and blogger outreach.
Familiarity with the use of voter file data and modeling for reaching potential campaign supporters, a plus.
Experience with providing training and support around online organizing practices, including social network and blogger outreach.
Specific experience around practical application of online technology and new media tools in community organizing and issue advocacy campaigns a plus.
The ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

Salary & Benefits:
Campaign for Community Change offers a competitive salary. Temporary employees receive all legally mandated benefits.

Closing Date of Position:
Open until filled

How to apply:
Please submit resume, cover letter that includes salary expectations and at least two writing samples to:

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