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Media Literacy Project receives F.I.R.E. award for their media education work!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

One of our grant partners, Media Literacy Project (MLP) was honored at the 1st Fueling Increasingly Relevant Education (F.I.R.E.) Awards on October 11th. This award recognizes educators and organizations promoting social justice and equity in the classroom and in the community. MLP delivers media literacy to communities all around New Mexico through their comprehensive trainings and specialized programs, including teaching media production skills to young women of color and organizing other youth initiatives addressing media justice issues. Third Wave is proud to support MLP in their mission to create “a world where all people and communities have affordable access to utilize any and all media tools to ensure their self-determination and a healthy media landscape.” -MLP Mission Statement

The F.I.R.E. Award was presented by the New Mexico Education Equity Alliance (NMEEA), a collective of youth, community members, educators, and allies that believes that every child has a right to a high quality, equitably funded, public education. Similar to MLP, NMEEA supports campaigns to get more voices of educators, students, and community into the public discussion of school policies. MLP recently participated  in an initiative with Families United for Education to give families more say in the Albuquerque Public Schools Family.


Tuesday, October 16th, 2012


Take a look at this comprehensive report recently released by one of our grant partners, Brown Boi Project, highlighting the importance of a “gender transformative learning” model.

The report includes a glimpse into the work they do with masculine-of-center womyn and men of color that emphasizes mental health, self-actualization, and an acknowledgement of the privileges of masculinity. Brown Boi Project’s report draws attention to the importance of the work they are doing and the nuance involved in addressing issues such as these.

“We believe that the same gender transformative learning that can keep boys of color in the classroom, will also reduce the levels of aggression and sexual pressure exerted on girls, and reduce the kind of gender policing that perpetuates violence against LGBT youth of color.” – Toward Healthy And Whole: Rethinking Gender and Transformation for Bois of Color

To read the full report, click here.